Wedding Policies


Rehearsals are not a requirement of our facility, but can be scheduled if you would like one. Rehearsal time is not scheduled at the time of booking. 30 days prior to your event a rehearsal can be scheduled depending on availability of the facility. The rehearsal is for 1 ½ hour time period and a facility staff member will be on-site for assistance.


State Liquor Banquet Permit must be provided to facility 24 hours prior to event. Alcohol (beer, white/red wine and champagne) are allowed. Use of privately provided alcohol, including flasks, is not allowed. Alcohol can be delivered the day before wedding and put in cooler for chilling. A designated bar person (does not have to be licensed) will be in charge of stocking bar and maintaining bar area. Bar must have someone in attendance at all times. Service must end ½ hour prior to your rental end time. You are responsible for providing ice for tubs. (Recommend at least 10 large bags.) Ice must be brought on day of wedding.


We have a closed door catering policy. No outside caterers permitted or potluck style events. It is required to have the wedding reception catered by Red-Tail Canyon Farm. We request no food be brought on or removed from premises due to liability. A separate detailed catering contract will be arranged 90 days prior to the event. A 50% deposit will be required 60 days prior to date. A guarantee for attendance and final payment due 30 days prior to event. Financial responsibility will be for the guaranteed or actual number of guests served, whichever is greater.

All meals served buffet style, busers available for plate pick up and table clean up.

Wedding cake, napkins, plates and forks are responsibility of the bride. Catering staff can cut and serve cake with prior arrangement. Cake must arrive and be set-up the day of wedding. No refrigeration available for holding cake.


We at Red-Tail Canyon Farm are here to help. Staff provides all the set-up of chairs and tables which includes the placing of linens and centerpieces. Think of us as custodial security. We will be on-site during the duration of the event to set-up facility equipment, monitor event activity, maintain the building, tear-down facility, sweep and take care of garbage disposal. Our staff does not decorate for you, greet guests, set up the bar or bartend or BABY-SIT UNATTENDED CHILDREN. CHILDREN ARE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR PARENTS AND PARENTS ARE EXPECTED TO WATCH THEM AND KEEP THEM UNDER CONTROL. This is an outdoor venue but it does not mean that children can be left unattended.


Please remember we are a no smoking, no pets facility. We do provide a designated area for smoking and smoking is restricted to that one area only. Absolutely NO PETS – no exceptions. You are responsible for letting your guests know to leave their dogs at home and that it is too hot for them to leave them in their car.


Red-Tail Canyon Farm will provide parking attendants. Carpooling from town is highly recommended if possible. We do not have parking for RVs.


Cancellation of any event must be made in writing or via email to and a response in writing must be sent back to the contracting party acknowledging and confirming the cancellation. Cancellation forfeits the deposit made with contract. Cancellation received after 180 days out forfeits 100% facility use fee and damage deposit.


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