Season: Spring, Summer, Fall (May – October)

BBQs are our specialty and we do it right with our home-style meals that satisfy the heartiest of appetites. You can be served amongst the towering pines of our beautiful picnic grove or in our mammoth outdoor log lodge. The setting adds to the mouthwatering food and savory smells with outdoor dining at it’s best. Pair your BBQ with a horse-drawn hayride to make this a truly unique occasion.

Our menu has been composed over time by owner Marianne Frank, who has spent 20 years in the kitchen perfecting her dishes. The BBQ beef ribs are hearty and satisfying and pair nicely with either dark or light chicken meat hot off the grill. The compliment of salads include homemade potato salad, freshly tossed green salad, zesty corn salad, baked beans, fresh fruit and homemade dinner rolls. Once you’ve finished dinner you’ll find yourself lost in the delicious flavors of ‘Ma’ Frank’s special apple pie recipe, prepared from the crust up.

Marianne also enjoys catering to other tastes and can put together a custom menu for your unique occasion. We’ve received many compliments on both her Vegetarian and Vegan dishes.


Please pass the pie!
dsc_0129For those of you who have ventured into the world of pie baking, you know that crafting a light and flaky crust is an art form. Marianne builds all of her pies from scratch and uses freshly picked Washington apples combined with just the right amount of sweetness to bring out the flavors of our state’s most plentiful fruit. When large groups visit the farm, you may find Marianne in the kitchen preparing as many as 40 pies at a time.

Food tastes better outside.

We don’t know if there is any scientific evidence supporting this fact, but we know that you’ll love gazing out at our beautiful sheer canyon wall as you enjoy your meal. Red-Tail Canyon Farm provides one of the most unique settings for outdoor dining as the natural menu matches the natural beauty of its surroundings. You’ll find yourself enjoying each bite more than you thought imaginable due to the relaxing backdrop of nature engulfing your eyes, ears, nose and taste buds.


• Barbequed Chicken and Beef Ribs
• Homemade Potato Salad
• Fresh Green Salad
• Corn Salad
• Homemade Rolls
• Baked Beans
• Fresh Fruit
• ‘Ma’ Frank’s Apple Pie
• Coffee, Iced Tea, and Lemonade

*Vegan and Vegetarian menus available upon request.


BBQ Cookout and hayride…$29.00 per person (plus tax & gratuity)
BBQ only…$25.00 per person (plus tax & gratuity)
Customized meals, children’s prices, bar set-up, entertainment available upon request.
BBQ requires a 15 adult minimum in your group.
Please contact us for reservations and more information.

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