Howdy Folks,

Thank you for visiting our website. Marianne and I welcome you to come and visit Red-Tail Canyon as our guests, whether for a sleigh ride or a hay ride, to stay with us in our lodging, or to have your wedding or special event here. A warm welcome always awaits you.

When Marianne and I started Red-Tail Canyon Farm 31 years ago it was our vision to couple the natural capabilities and beauty of our draft horses with the scenic beauty and diverse natural resources of Red-Tail Canyon, and in doing so create a home to raise our family and build a homestead on which to sustain ourselves. Our decision to move onto the land and build a ranch was a lifestyle choice rather than a career move.

We believe in the culture of the rural lifestyle and the “Code of the West” — Live each day with courage; Take pride in your work; Always finish what you start; When you make a promise, keep it; and Remember that some things aren’t for sale.

We wear many different hats here at Red-Tail Canyon, as small farmers, horse ranchers, tree farmers, horse loggers, teamsters, teachers and hosts. All of which we have found to be challenging and fulfilling.

We are about to start our fourth generation of horses here and the horses who have gone before them have been our partners, our mentors and our family these many years. Working and using horses is an intrinsic part of our lifestyle and American culture. We hope in some small way to be able to share our horses and rural lifestyle with our guests. To help folks renew or reawaken the connection to the land, to the horses and to nature that exists in all of us as part of our American Heritage and Spirit.

Happy Trails,
Ross & Marianne

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